Our approach
1Do a good job in the central group study, improve the system of democratic life 2Strict party cadres training, improve grassroots organization 3Financial politics, economic activities in one, active corporate atmosphere, and promote economic development 4The stability and encouraging, carry out rich and colorful political, cultural activities 5To carry out the construction of spiritual civilization, promote enterprise culture to health
Staff presence
  • 公司拔河比賽中員工們齊心協力共奮斗
  • 職工籃球賽
  • 員工乒乓球比賽
  • 員工歌詠大賽
  • 蘇絲大學生模特隊身著蘇絲絲綢走秀
  • 公司員工在全縣健身舞大賽
  • 活力四射的公司文藝演出隊在表演
  • 公司實施職工困難“六必訪”制度,公司領導慰問家受火災的困難職工
  • 公司實施職工子女上大學資助制度
  • 公司太極拳隊員在國際太極拳大賽
  • 蘇絲產業園乒乓球室一角,員工在中午休息時間揮拍健身
  • 蘇絲產業園圖書、閱覽室一角,員工在中午休息時間看書學習
  • 蘇絲太極拳隊多次榮獲國際大賽大獎
  • 擁軍優屬譜新曲--親切慰問人民子弟兵

  In the daily work, Susi silk shares continue to care about the political staff, support staff on the work, life to help employees, always give the warmth of home, feeling and power. In recent years, the company has promoted staff training, in the middle and senior cadres of 19 people, the development of new party members and 16 people, as long as the employees want to create progress, through effort of progress through the atmosphere; week training, determination, season and annual month exchange match live company, one or two, three level operation evaluation experts, senior technicians, technicians and assistant technicians for the staff to play a strong platform for the demonstration of space; through during the annual 38, 54, 71, 51, national day, new year's day and Spring Festival and other festivals, to carry out the edutainment speech contest, knowledge contest; calligraphy, painting, photography competition, ball games, chess, singing, dance, Taijiquan and catwalk shows and other recreational activities, enrich the cultural life of leisure of workers, allowing workers to get ideas in happy activities Cultivation of sentiment.